Surefooted Solutions now offering the new Markethive online marketing platform

In August, 2018, Markethive released its new platform that Surefooted Solutions CEO Jon Bowler calls “Markethive 2.0” and the Bellingham, WA digital agency firm is promoting this platform for individual entrepreneurial online marketers. Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn says, “Everyone is now an entrepreneur, whether they recognize it or not”.

Surefooted Solutions ( promotes Markethive as a state-of-the-art integrated inbound marketing platform that has now converted to a blockchain-based platform with the following attributes …

·        Email broadcasting system

·        Autoresponders

·        List Management

·        Capture / Landing pages

·        Google Analytics

·        Forum builder

·        Group builder

·        Campaign manager

·        Blogging system

·        Blog-casting system to numerous social-media sites

·        Videos

New marketers entering the online marketing entrepreneurial arena for the first time have a unique opportunity in using this platform because all the above features are included with a FREE account.

Markethive CEO, Thomas Prendergast said, “Markethive was built on the foundation of 20 years of proprietary technology and has been running live with 1000s of subscribers in beta for nearly 4 years. Markethive’s mission is to create a universal income for entrepreneurs, using our multiple platforms built for the entrepreneurial markets.”

Markethive is now a leading Market Network in the industry. Market networks are the logical evolution of the aging social networks. Market Networks like Markethive integrate SaaS and commerce platforms with the social network. Markethive also adds additional revenue-producing systems to fund the Universal Income for entrepreneurs.

Douglas Yates, CTO and co-founder, added, “When we became aware of the #deletefacebook campaign led by Elon Musk of Tesla, I knew Markethive is the solution.”

Surefooted Solutions is a digital online marketing agency, primarily serving local small businesses, providing clients with the means to massively increase online exposure by various techniques. They also serve as an expert resource for online advertising such as with Facebook. Their latest service is sales and installation of chatbots for Facebook, providing local businesses with added reach and exposure online and management of prospects. They also dramatically increase ranking of clients’ websites using promotional material that links to high-authority sites.

To get a free account and try the platform, one can visit

Brief 3-minute video about the platform:

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