Surefooted Solutions, after providing SEO and Optimization services since 2010, has expanded to add latest technologies in Facebook Advertising

Customers looking for the latest SEO, Google Optimization, Ranking for small businesses Service will soon be able to get involved with Surefooted Solutions’ latest strategies in Facebook Marketing. Today Jon Bowler, Owner / Founder of Surefooted Solutions at Surefooted Solutions releases details of the expanded SEO, Google Optimization, Ranking and Marketing for small businesses Service’s development.

The SEO, Google Search Optimization, Authority-site Ranking and Facebook Advertising for small businesses Service is designed to appeal specifically to Small Business Owners and includes:

Excellent customer service in effective advertising and Google ranking – This feature was included because The Agency massively improves a client’s ability to focus on what they do best for their customers without having to worry about the advertising side of their business to gain new customers . This is great news for the consumer as Our service gives a business owner peace of mind and saves them time and money by allowing us to manage their advertising for them.

Improved ROI on ad-spend by using our services in Facebook advertising – This was made part of the service, since Facebook and Google Adwords advertising is ever-changing, and we help the local business owner to grow their customer base using the latest techniques effectively. Customers who invest in the service should enjoy this feature because We use the latest techniques and features in Facebook advertising to dramatically increase traffic to our clients’ websites.

Google Maps 3-pack ranking – Surefooted Solutions made sure to make this part of the SEO, Google Optimization, Ranking for small businesses Service’s development as We use proven strategies to rank our clients in Google Maps 3-pack.. Customers of the SEO, Google Optimization, Ranking for small businesses Service will likely appreciate this because By ranking in Google Maps 3-pack, clients can achieve a 200% to 300% ROI in customer acquisition compared to just improving page-ranks. We use a process over several months to significantly increase the chances of ranking withing Google’s 3-pack.

Jon Bowler, when asked about the SEO, Google Optimization, Ranking for small businesses Service said:

“Ranking in Google Maps 3-pack is the ultimate goal in SEO strategies, but strategies of yesteryear no longer work. It’s important to keep up with new algorithm changes. What worked before does not necessarily work today. We have now also added the latest technology in Facebook Advertising.”

This is the latest offering from Surefooted Solutions and Jon Bowler is particularly excited about this launch because This strategy is state-of-the-art and is proven to significantly improve customer-reach for our clients. Google and Facebook algorithms are ever-changing. We stay abreast of these changes.

Those interested in learning more about Surefooted Solutions and their SEO, Google Optimization, Authority-site Ranking and the latest strategies in Facebook Advertising for Small Businesses Services can do so on the website at or email You may also call 360-358-7550.